2013 Micronesia

Expedition Micronesia

Explore remote atolls of Micronesia and create films that support local marine stewardship.

This expedition is designed to put a spot light on the TUNA fisheries and what must be done to maintain a sustainable future and to promote awareness on benefits of inshore MPA’s on subsistence fishing.

Dive and learn from Emmy award winning filmmaker Rick Rosenthal to document the amazing ecosystems aggregated in the open ocean under F.A.D.S. Fish Aggregation Devices and promote regulation directly to the commercial fishermen.


Deliver powerful media to local TV broadcasters and celebrate at the wrap party as phase one of our campaign hits the local airwaves.

  • Vignettes that celebrate the economics of MPA’s throughout the region such as Palau’s tourism and conservation initiatives like the shark preserve.
  •  Local news pieces that frame marine conservation through national health of protecting inshore fisheries.
  • Communications directed towards commercial fishing industry to build consensus towards sustainable practices.
  • Short wildlife specials on charismatic megafauna- Manta Rays, Dugongs, Sea Turtles. Celebrate MPA’s and the heroes invested in protecting habitat.
  • The Politics of Tuna- Raising awareness amongst voters.