2014 Bahamas

Expedition Bahamas

Forging a symbiotic relation between sports fishermen and the Coast Guard towards a win win collaboration to protect a natural jewel, Cay Sal. Around the world we need stewardship eyes on the water to support effective fisheries management. Hemingway’s Cay Sal is the center piece to our expedition that highlights the importance of forging great collaborations between enforcement agencies and fishermen in the nexus of the Bahamas, Cuba and the Florida Keys.

MCE always identifies target audiences and the win win situations for our media objectives.  The coast guard and sports fishermen are ideal stewards with mutual interests. In this campaign we will celebrate fishermen who are pioneering sustainable practices and help kick start a relationship between national security and marine conservation.

This campaign is ideal for Executive producers who love Hemingway, fishing and diving  and would like to stay in this hemisphere.