Legacy Leave-Behinds (LLB’s)

Every Expedition has Purpose.

MCE supports Marine Protected Areas by inspiring  local buy in with media that amplifies existing environmental values. This is the purpose of MCE, to create powerful and meaningful media that speaks directly to the most important audience in conservation. Those who work, play and depend upon the health of marine environments.

Local fisherman culls invasive Lion fish

By bringing the world’s most talented filmmakers, photographers and storytellers to location we create powerful media to  encourage peer to peer positive behavior, celebrate sustainable choices and invigorate existing environmental values. 

Legacy Leave Behinds (LLB’s)

Working with our strategic partners we develop media objectives that align with existing campaigns. For example, we created a commercial for the University of Belize to attract youth to their Marine Field Station. Another example is a sequence that focused on the economics of catch and release bonefish fly fishing designed to celebrate sustainable industry. The themes of our storytelling are developed to foster peer accountability and community building.  To ensure our media reaches the right audience MCE’s exhibition and distribution team works closely with our local partners to create community events and distribution strategies to ensure our LLB’s have lasting impact for marine conservation.