The MCE Experience

The Need for Marine Conservation Expeditions

Over the decades we have witnessed the dire need to establish effective Marine Protected Areas with active local involvement and monitoring. We have seen the positive results of protection, such as the return of kelp forests in New Zealand, a rebound of spawning snapper near Coiba Island, Panama, and a 500% increase in the nesting green turtle of Tortuguero, Costa Rica.

MCE’s films and events support a very important need; to inspire local involvement in the protection of marine environments.

These initiatives are notoriously difficult to fund yet they are imperative if the human race is to take the required action in reversing marine habitat decline. The only reliable method of achieving this is by taking successful and influential people like you on epic filmmaking adventures with a team of some of the greatest filmmaking talent in the world. Join us.

“We have an immense power to harm only equalled by our power to heal.” Dr Sylvia Earle


Are You an Executive Producer?

Are you interested in being an active advocate of the ocean and marine conservation?

Are you an adventurous and influential individual that wants to make a meaningful contribution to the marine environment?


MCE is in the process of selecting a limited number of individuals from around the world to make these epic adventures possible. Becoming an Executive Producer requires no previous filmmaking experience. We are cultivating a pool of accomplished entrepreneurs, explorers and thought leaders to augment our dynamic teams.

Our expeditions start with photography, cinematography and directing workshops and we rotate positions through out the expedition to ensure that everyone is actively learning and participating.  You are not required to have a scuba diving qualification, (although preferable), our experienced PADI certified instructor can introduce you to the amazing underwater world.

You simply need to have the financial capacity and desire to make a difference.


The Experience of a lifetime

“Not a day goes by without smiling as I reminisce about our adventure. – I’ve described it to friends as a life-enriching experience”

(Karen S. Expedition Belize EP)

A ‘typical’ day for Executive Producers on an MCE trip doesn’t exist, our Executive Producers indulge in a wide range of incredible experiences.

Here are just a few scenarios to spark your imagination:

  • Diving Belize’s Blue Hole with conservationist Alexandra Cousteau.
  • Flying in helicopters used to film the spectacular documentary, ‘Planet Earth’. Featuring amazing wildlife footage including unforgettable scenes such as dolphin pods on the hunt.
  • Moored off a deserted archipelago as gourmet chefs prepare the catch of the day under the southern cross.
  • Taking the lead with an underwater camera to film a migrating speckled whale shark with a mouth the size of a VW Beetle.


An insight into Expedition Belize

MCE carried out a very successful filmmaking trip to Belize. Our objectives for the Expedition were to interview and win support of key stakeholders involved in the conservation of the new Turneffe Atoll MPA and Belize’s stunning coral reef in general.

We also filmed incredible footage of the coral reef and marine life and had close encounters with dolphins, manatees and sea turtles.

Sequences we shot included a day in the life of a Belizean fisherman, the importance of catch and release fly-fishing and scientific research at the University Field Station.

Under the supervision of our expert cameramen you’re sure to come away with some impressive imagery. Here is a photo diary of a week on Expedition.


Exploring the lush mangrove systems. The nation of Belize boasts the highest overall percentage of forest cover of any of the Central American countries.

World class filmmakers, Ian Kellett and Mark Emery in on the action along with Executive Producer Scott.

A stunning sunset during an interview with Landy a commercial Fisherman.

Landy was well versed on the troubles of overfishing, a great character and a pleasure to interview.

Field Producer Rich Hallam and Director Ian Kellett (BBC Oceans) interviewing Landy whilst our Executive Producers have a still photography workshop of the action by Director of Photography Mark Emery (National Geographic).

A visit to the beautiful Turneffe Flats Resort. A legendary diving and fly-fishing lodge. We interviewed Craig Hayes a devoted advocate for marine conservation who has been instrumental in the set up of Turneffe Atoll as protected area.

The infinity pool at Turneffe Flats Resort overlooks the sensitive ‘Flats’ behind the reef which are habitats of the sports fishing species.

We also interviewed ‘Dubs’ one of the best fly-fishing guides in Belize. This was part of our sequence to follow the importance of catch and release fly fishing for the Belizean tourism and overall economy.

Joe a very charismatic commercial fisherman spoke to us about his concerns for the future of the reef as a sustainable food source. He was eager to voice his opinions through MCE’s media campaign.

Joe seen here casting nets for bait for his day off shore fishing for grouper and snapper.

Sometimes you’ve got to get that shot no matter what it takes!

Pach doing his bit to eradicate the poisonous and invasive Lionfish. These species are a massive threat to Mesoamerican barrier reef. They are reproducing beyond control as they have no natural predator in this part of the world.

Scott our Executive Producer having fun on his dive.

Paradise island

An interview with Tony, an ex commercial fisherman – turned tourist guide.

Scuba gear check, head camera gear check, still camera and housing check.. ready for an incredible dive.

Sunset over Turneffe’s rich mangrove ecosystems

Tom one of our Executive Producer almost completed a Grand Slam! (Permit, Bonefish, Tarpon) Mark Emery (Pictured) wasn’t quite so lucky.

Soon after the full moon of the months of May, June and July, The Whale Sharks visit the spawning sites to feed. This is an incredible annual natural history event.

Whale shark, Shot taken by MCE’s award winning cinematographer Michael Pitts. (BBC Blue Planet)

MCE visited the University of Belize’ field station. They carry out year-round monitoring studies of the reef surrounding Turneffe.

Here Jani Salazar talked to MCE about her experience of life and work at the field station.

Turneffe is the most biologically diverse atoll in the western hemisphere. It is also incredible picturesque.

A short boat ride away lies the Great Blue Hole, a 400ft sink hole containing some the most mind blowing stalactite formations in the world.

This image of Rich our Producer puts the size of the stalactites into perspective.